Love in COVID Times – How a Couple Stayed Connected

The COVID-19 pandemic has tested us as nothing ever before. People are coming together to support each other and are displaying commendable strength, and so many things that were taken for granted once are now being treasured. Be it weekend outings, vacations, watching a movie with friends or happy times with our loved ones, theseContinue reading “Love in COVID Times – How a Couple Stayed Connected”

The New Autographs – Personalized Celeb Videos

Craving of doing something more than just commenting on each social media post of your favorite celebrity and not getting any response? Or liking and tagging their photos and getting lost in the crowd? Celebrity engagement platforms put you directly in touch with a variety of celebrities by letting you order personal shout-outs. It’s almostContinue reading “The New Autographs – Personalized Celeb Videos”

Trending Video Shoutouts – Get Celebs to Wish You & Your Loved Ones!

Who hasn’t dreamt of being able to interact with a celebrity? For decades, fans world over are ready to line up for hours just to be able to get an autograph or sneak in a selfie or even a handshake. The desire to share a moment in the spotlight with a celebrity has been aroundContinue reading “Trending Video Shoutouts – Get Celebs to Wish You & Your Loved Ones!”

Riding the Waves of AI

From simple games to self-learning systems – AI has come a long way Today, talk of artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere – from Apple’s Siri to how Uber dispatches drivers to the way Facebook arranges its Newsfeed. However, it wasn’t long ago that AI was regarded by many as purely science fiction – the plotlineContinue reading “Riding the Waves of AI”