Improve OEE with Industrial IoT Analytics

OEE, i.e. Original Equipment Efficiency is the most common measure used to determine manufacturing losses. There are three key contributing variables to OEE: Availability loss (A%) Performance Loss (B%) Quality loss (C%) An OEE is represented in % (Percentage) and is the product of A, B and C. OEE of 100% is considered perfect (IContinue reading “Improve OEE with Industrial IoT Analytics”

Get a 360-Degree View of Your Assets with Asset Avatars

Industry 4.0 holds the promise of helping organizations in manufacturing, transportation, energy, and urban development to digitally transform with IoT-enabled technologies, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Underlying these digital technologies are assets providing vast amounts of data through an array of sensors and IoT-connected assets. And the number of IoT-connected assetsContinue reading “Get a 360-Degree View of Your Assets with Asset Avatars”

Predictive Analytics Is Shaping The Future Of Asset Management

Enterprises are looking for a technology solution to deliver product or services to its customers in the most predictable and cost-effective way without compromising on the overall quality goals and customer experience. Predictable outcome and costs are directly linked to how assets and operations are managed. The term “asset” refers to any “thing” that’s capableContinue reading “Predictive Analytics Is Shaping The Future Of Asset Management”