Riding the Waves of AI

From simple games to self-learning systems – AI has come a long way Today, talk of artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere – from Apple’s Siri to how Uber dispatches drivers to the way Facebook arranges its Newsfeed. However, it wasn’t long ago that AI was regarded by many as purely science fiction – the plotlineContinue reading “Riding the Waves of AI”

Cloud 101

The Three Types of Clouds A public cloud provisions virtual machines (VMs) on servers located at a third-party site. All sys admin services are provided by the third party, including security, connectivity, data access, and backup/recovery. Since resources are available on demand, this is the most cost-effective solution. But the public cloud doesn’t address concernsContinue reading “Cloud 101”

IoT Edge 101

What is Edge Computing? Edge computing pushes the intelligence, processing power and communication capabilities directly into devices.  It enables analytics and data gathering to occur at the source of the data. What is the difference between Edge Computing and Fog Computing? Both fog computing and edge computing involve pushing intelligence and processing capabilities down closerContinue reading “IoT Edge 101”

The case of moving Intelligence to the Edge

There is a reason why DCS and SCADA systems in Industrial environments stayed on-prem, it’s the same reason that will drive IoT Intelligence closer to the Edge. There are thousands of scenarios where speed is the operational imperative from Asset management, critical production setup, command and control of high-value assets with predictive intelligence capabilities. The termContinue reading “The case of moving Intelligence to the Edge”

Industrial IoT is a business imperative, act before your competition does!

What are your immediate business objectives? I don’t like second guessing but here are some scenarios where Industrial Internet of things (IIoT) can make a significant difference: >Are you stuck in a me-too industry and are looking for a competitive advantage to give you an edge in the marketplace? >Do you desire improved productivity from yourContinue reading “Industrial IoT is a business imperative, act before your competition does!”

Challenges of IoT Analytics Today

Across every industry, analytics and business intelligence are hot topics that promise greater insight, more efficiency, and a more competitive organization. And analytics can truly deliver on those promises, despite the myriad challenges that many organizations face in getting that value. One of the most pervasive challenges today is siloed data. Data coming from assetsContinue reading “Challenges of IoT Analytics Today”

IoT Platform Flexibility Drives Smart Solutions for Industries

The internet of things (IoT) is gaining traction across industries where new IT capabilities and connectivity are driving innovation and operational efficiencies. Companies across the Industrial footprint are leading the way with exciting breakthroughs in industrial IoT (IIoT) that use big data, analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline production, enable predictive maintenance and improveContinue reading “IoT Platform Flexibility Drives Smart Solutions for Industries”

Complexity – A Major IoT Challenge

To the list of greatest inventions of the world such as the wheel, the compass, steam engine, concrete, the automobile, railways, airplane add 21st century’s offering the Internet of Things or IoT. Gartner estimates the total economic value-add from IoT will reach US$1.9 trillion worldwide in 2020. Other reports claim close to half the companiesContinue reading “Complexity – A Major IoT Challenge”