Trending Video Shoutouts – Get Celebs to Wish You & Your Loved Ones!

Who hasn’t dreamt of being able to interact with a celebrity? For decades, fans world over are ready to line up for hours just to be able to get an autograph or sneak in a selfie or even a handshake. The desire to share a moment in the spotlight with a celebrity has been around for ages and seems just within reach thanks to social media channels and the paparazzi. But with celebs getting edgy and unhappy about being objectified, or even trolled on social media just so that a fan can get some attention, the need for something different was obvious.

Now with platforms like Faverou that host personalized celeb videos, fandom the world over has a chance to interact with celebrities not just from the entertainment industry, but even sports, authors, social influencers and politics. How do celebrity-engagement platforms work? It’s quite simple really.

They sign on various celebrities with fan appeal from different milieu. Fans can pay for a personalized video message – called a shout-out – from their favorite celebrity, who will record and share a short video via the platform. For example, if you want to wish wife on Mother’s Day for being a strong pillar of support, you can pick a celebrity she is most likely to enjoy and ask a celebrity to record a message for your wife based on some pointers you will share. The celebrity can give their own spin to it and share the video shout-out via Faverou.

Voila! Your wife receives a video (See how Manjari Phadnis conveyed the wish in this amazing way) with the celebrity wishing her and complimenting her on being a great parent.

Fans world over are loving such an opportunity to get closer to celebrities. It’s so much fun hearing a personal message recorded by a celebrity, with them actually speaking out your name and that of a loved one. What’s exciting to see is the way that fans are using these celebrity shout-out videos in creative ways. They’re being bought as gifts to celebrate an occasion such as a birthday, or to convey an important message. For instance, if you go to Faverou, you can ask a celebrity to talk about pretty much anything and they’ll make you a personalized video message. Simply select the celebrity you like most, give a rough draft of your message along with the intended recipient, and pay up! As the latest trend in the world of influencer marketing, celebrity shout-out videos are gaining a lot of traction.

For fandom, such an authentic experience is  a win-win scenario. Fans get to hear celebrities address them by name, while celebs can connect with their fans on an emotional level and build their popularity instead of feeling objectified, while monetizing their fan following. And with the COVID-19 pandemic impacting the entertainment industry, celebs have both time and opportunity to stay in touch with their fans. Celebrity shout-out videos are the latest in personalized gifting and have taken the concept to an entirely new level. Fans are loving their videos whether it is for them or for someone as else a gift.