The New Autographs – Personalized Celeb Videos

Craving of doing something more than just commenting on each social media post of your favorite celebrity and not getting any response? Or liking and tagging their photos and getting lost in the crowd? Celebrity engagement platforms put you directly in touch with a variety of celebrities by letting you order personal shout-outs. It’s almost like meeting your favorite celebrity in person! You can ask them to talk about anything, and they’ll make you a personalized video message with a tailor-made script, albeit in their famous style.

The range of celebrities offered online is broad, and the celebs can be from sports, entertainment, talented and famous personalities, and so on. The main reason why channels like Faverou that allow you to purchase personalized shout-out videos are becoming so popular is that unlike selfies that look impersonal and forced, autographs that can be bland or social media comments that can be ignored, these shout-out videos can be fun, quirky or super emotional. Imagine it’s your younger brother’s birthday, and you pick one of the celebs listed on Faverou to roast him about his crazy habits as a kid and wish him too! Shout-out videos as gifts for your parents can be more endearing and sentimental. It’s a gift that lasts a lifetime and remains special forever.

What fandom loves is that celebs actually put a lot of effort into the videos they create, and practice it before recording and sharing it with their fan.   A simple message can be turned into a short rap song, a poem etc. Celebrities make sure they create videos that connect with the recipient instantly. This makes each dollar spent on the videos worth it and the message in them more memorable.

Personalized celeb shout-out videos can hit the right spot for a loved one just at the right time. For instance, on Mother’s Day this year, Hari was torn between spending time with his wife, Anitha, and being in another city to help his mother during the lockdown in India. So he purchased a shout-out video for his wife with Manjari Phadnis (of Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na fame, along with other movies), who made Anitha’s day with a heartfelt shout-out. Now Anita has such a unique personalized gift, which will stay with her lifelong, reminding her of her husband’s loving and thoughtful gesture.

Celebrity engagement platforms like Faverou are the hottest trend and have revolutionized fandom’s access to celebrities. Fans can buy personalized and direct videos and connect with their favorite celebs. Young men and women would love the idea of someone they admire and famous blowing them virtual kisses and send love! Even the celebs are happy to cash in because now they have a much more vibrant platform to connect with their fans.

And you don’t have to only gift such shout-out videos to someone else. You can personalize your script to have celebs promote your business, rap you a song that can be your personalized caller tune or just record a video where they tell the world what an awesome person you are. Love it or roll your eyes, personalized celebrity shout-out videos are the new thing in celebrity engagement and personalized gifting.